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What is the gender of my baby? Is it a boy or is it a girl?
Determining the sex of your unborn child should be an easy enough task but it does tend to have some challenges. Various factors come into play. Increased maternal adipose can result in an image that is not too clear from resolution point of view. The umbilical cord sometimes lies in the region of interest hiding the gender. Sub-optimal ultrasound equipment can produce a poor quality image. An inexperienced person performing the scan can result in the incorrect gender being confirmed.


What does a baby boy look like on ultrasound?


When looking from the bottom up, it looks like a hotdog with the sausage hanging out the bun.


When looking from the side, it looks like a snail.


What a boy looks like on 3D / 4D ultrasound scan.


What does a baby girl look like on ultrasound?


Earlier in the pregnancy you see the 3 white lines. The middle line is usually longer than the outer 2 lines.


As the pregnancy progresses and the baby starts to develop fat the 3 white lines start looking more like a hamburger.


What a girl looks like on a 3D / 4D ultrasound scan.


Early ultrasound (11 -14 weeks) girl /boy gender determination – The “Angle of 30 Degrees” study……Read more


Boy ultrasound gender
Boy on ultrasound scan


Girl sonar gender
Girl on ultrasound scan